Saturday, April 18, 2020

Is Vegan the Best Diet Style?

Is vegan diet the best way to eat, the best food for the body? I have been trying vegan diet in patches since 2012. And I have seen very good benefits during those patches that I dedicatedly and sincerely and with discipline followed the vegan diet.

Two books had immense impact on me in introducing me to the benefits of the vegan diet. Those are:

1. Miracle of fasting by Paul Bragg

2. The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

These books I studied in 2012.

There were many other books also that I studied after primarily these two, and about which I will elaborate in my later posts, but yes these two are the ones that jump directly to my mind when I look back to my origin of conviction regarding the benefits of vegan diet.

During those periods of sincere vegan diet, I lost weight, looked younger, felt more energetic, lost lethargy and craved exercise.

Prior to this time, I had no idea that animal products were not good for our body. What was available to me, I ate.

But after reading these books and trying the diet on myself and after seeing the various benefits, I became very aware of which food items were good for my body and and which were harmful.

Even though there were times when I gave in to the temptation of eating dairy products and junk food, in those times also I was aware that what I was putting in my body was not good but that I was submitting to taste.

So yes I believe vegan diet is best for us, and that the following classes of items should be primarily excluded from our diets:

1. Dairy products

2. Meat products, whether white or red

3. Junk food or processed food.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Welcome to

Hello friends...this is my first post in the blog...welcome!

I purchased the domain name quite a long time 2013, 7 years back. Back then too, I had somewhere back in mind the desire to share my views and knowledge regarding vegan diet and general fitness and thus I had bought this single word domain name at a reasonably hefty price. That showed my desire to share my knowledge in these matters. Org was an appropriate domain extension because it mostly denotes something that is done not as a commercial entity. And knowledge regarding health, diet and nutrition is expected to not be for profit, so I am fine with that.

So, as is there in my profile, I intend to share my views regarding fitness, nutrition and current affairs through this blog.

I feel I have gained quite enough amount of information or wisdom in these matters that I may perhaps wish to share that information with especially someone who may benefit from such information.