Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Welcome to

Hello friends...this is my first post in the blog...welcome!

I purchased the domain name quite a long time 2013, 7 years back. Back then too, I had somewhere back in mind the desire to share my views and knowledge regarding vegan diet and general fitness and thus I had bought this single word domain name at a reasonably hefty price. That showed my desire to share my knowledge in these matters. Org was an appropriate domain extension because it mostly denotes something that is done not as a commercial entity. And knowledge regarding health, diet and nutrition is expected to not be for profit, so I am fine with that.

So, as is there in my profile, I intend to share my views regarding fitness, nutrition and current affairs through this blog.

I feel I have gained quite enough amount of information or wisdom in these matters that I may perhaps wish to share that information with especially someone who may benefit from such information.

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